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Top 5 URL Shortening Services & Benefits of URL Shortners

URL shorteners or URL Shortening Services : What are they?

URL shorteners, long story short , or link shorteners are services that can transform very long links into a short and manageable link. Very easy and simple. The question now is, are URL shorteners worth the hustle? Let’s start with our journey to dissect the power and use of these services.

Benefits of URL Shorteners

Imagine you are trying to get your favorite snack from the top shelf of the kitchen. Being short doesn’t help right? But the issue is not the same with URLs. As a matter of fact, the shorter the URL the better it is for you.

Below are the top reasons why you should always shorten your long URLs.

1.Link Tracking in URL Shorteners

2.Build Custom Audience Using Pixels

3.Reduce SMS Marketing Cost

4.Custom Branded links using URL Shorteners
power of url shortner

Top 5 URL Shortening Services (Free & Paid)

Top 5 URL Shortening Services (Free & Paid)

1. – Industry-Grade Tool

Bitly is a full-fledged custom URL shortening service with tons of features in the paid plan. It helps you manage all your links in one place. And it also increases engagement and exposure using the branded links. And all the links are optimized for mobile devices. 

The free account lets you create 1000 Bitly links per month

Bitly Pricing

Here are a few premium features you may want to know:

  • Replace ‘’ with your brand
  • Create QR code for your links
  • Manage all your links seamlessly
  • Track and optimize all your links

Bitly is perfect for all the businesses and entrepreneurs who deal with links daily. It’s just that you need to pay $35 for up to 1500 branded links per month. And if you need to manage up to 3000 branded links, you’ll pay $300 per month. 

It’s a free custom link shortener if you want to enjoy up to 3 branded domains. But then you can create unlimited branded links, Cuttly links, and redirects.

cutly pricing by

With a free plan, you cannot see the analytics history for more than 30 days and edit the redirect source. 

Here’s a list of Cuttly’s premium features:

  • Manage all your links
  • Track and analyze them on the go
  • Shorten the URLs 
  • Change the source URL and unique clicks
  • Team up with your members
  • Enjoy the API benefits
  • Build branded links

I believe Cuttly’s free plan is quite generous and perfect for beginners. But you may end up paying from $25 to $149 per month to enjoy the premium functions. 

Sniply helps you shorten links and overlay your custom message to your audience seamlessly. With every shortened link you share, you get to add a call to action. And that means you’ll enjoy the boosted conversion without a doubt.

Here are the top features of Sniply:

  • Create short and custom URLs 
  • Add CTA to all the links you share
  • Manage your links effectively
  • Analyze and optimize your link performance
  • Third-party integrations using the API

When it comes to pricing, the URL shortening service offers four different plans. All of them include unlimited links, which is quite generous.

TinyURL – Fast & Anonymous 

TinyURL is also one of the most popular link shortening services, just like Bitly. You can create a free account and start using the tool. It offers you easy link shortening, full link history, and customized URLs as well. 

Tiny –

Here are a few more features you must know:

  • Transform your long links to short ones
  • Get more clicks with branded links
  • See how links work for you using the analytics
  • Manage all your links efficiently
  • Monitor the campaigns on the go

Sign up for the TinyURL account for free and enjoy shortening unlimited URLs and tracking clicks on them. With the Basic plan, you cannot monitor and analyze the reports on your links, though.

L-ink.Me – Premium URL Shortening Service

L-ink.Me helps you track your audience with easy-to-remember and brandable links. It’s a simple but powerful tool for individual content creators and internet corporations alike. Understanding your users can never be easier than now. 

L-inkMe Shortening Service

Here’s a summary of what you can do with L-ink.Me:

  • Create bundles for URL rotation
  • Build custom domain links
  • Generate splash pages
  • Cloak a URL
  • Track pixels to target and retarget your audience
  • Optimize your marketing campaign 
  • Share your links across social media and emails


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